Company History


A brief summary of Parsons-Eagle scale and packaging machinery innovations:

1922 - Eagle Machinery Company founded by Karl Blumer

1923 - Parsons Automatic Scale Company founded by Arthur Parsons

1939 - Eagle introduces the Model RSU raisin scale

1946 - Eagle produces the first U.S. vertical form/fill/seal machine

1962 - Parsons introduces the first electronic weighing unit

1966 - Parsons introduces the innovative simplex bag hanger

1974 - Eagle acquired by Package Machinery Company

1976 - Parsons introduces the first scale with data acquisition capability

1978 - Eagle introduces Microscan, the first microprocessor-controlled net weigh scale system

1982 - Parsons introduces the first color touchscreen scale control system

1982 - Eagle introduces the Model CV combination weigher

1992 - Parsons introduces the first PC based color touchscreen scale control system

1995 - Eagle introduces the Model CS stepper driven combination weigher with non-proprietary circuit board design

1996 - Eagle introduces the Model LS linear scale

1998 - Parsons develops the WorldStar II & DataTrek II scale controls

2000 - Parsons Scale acquired by Campbell Wrapper Corporation

2002 - Parsons introduces the powered bag magazine for feeding and handling pre-made paper and plastic bags

2004 - Eagle acquired by Campbell Wrapper Corporation

2004 - Parsons and Eagle merge to become Parsons-Eagle Packaging Systems, a division of Campbell Wrapper Corporation

2004 - Parsons-Eagle introduces the servo driven high speed bag hanger

2005 - Parsons-Eagle introduces the Phaser XP vertical form/fill/seal machine

2005 - Parsons-Eagle introduces P-E Net™, a TCP/IP scale data communication package

2009 - Parsons-Eagle acquires TEMCO, a manufacturer of net weighing and bag handling equipment

2012 - Parsons-Eagle introduces the DataTrek III, a PLC based linear scale control platform

2014 – Parsons-Eagle introduces counting capability on the WorldStar II combination scale platform

2015 – Parsons-Eagle introduces the iBagger for high speed filling and closing of intermediate pre-made bag sizes

2016 – Parsons-Eagle develops variable check weigh feature (patented) for increased throughput on our large bag scales
2019 – Parsons-Eagle introduces automatic machine adjustment via UPC barcode scan for faster changeovers on our high speed small bag lines 
2021 – Parsons-Eagle develops gas flush capabilities (patented) on our high speed small bag lines
2021 – Parsons-Eagle introduces the capability to run 100% recyclable paper substrates with heat sealable adhesives on our VFFS machines